2017-18 Grazing Experiments

Heifer waiting to graze on orchardgrass-birdsfoot trefoil paddock

Heifer waiting to graze on tall fescue/birdsfoot trefoil mix in the next paddock.

Heifers being weighted and measured at hip height.

Collecting fecal samples for parasite egg counts.

Left: Orchardgrass/birdsfoot trefoil mix. Right: Checking electric fences.

Left: Rising Plate Meter. Right: Demonstrating the use of a rising plate meter.

Collecting post-grazing herbage samples.

Grinding herbage samples for analysis.

Hey! Did I give you permission to take my picture?

2021 Field Day

Clay Isom field day presentation

Dr. Clay Isom gives an overview of organic dairy heifer grazing research project.

Michael Greenland (USU graduate student) presents on measuring forage intake and efficiency.

Sawyer Fonnesheck presentation

Sawyer Fonnesbeck (USU graduate student) presents on measuring heifer performance.

2021 Research on Dairy Breed and Pasture Type

Sorting and weighing 4 breeds of dairy heifers

Weighing and collecting samples from a Holstein heifer

Heifers grazing pasture (Jerseys in the foreground)