Resources on Organic Seed, Corn Breeding and Participatory Breeding

Ears to the Ground: Summer 2020 Virtual Field Day Presentations

Part 1: Soil Nitrogen Testing Overview with Carmen Ugarte, University of Illinois

Part 2: Cropsmith ISNT and PSNT Soil Nitrogen Tests

Part 3: Woods End Labs: Solvita and SLAN Soil Nitrogen Tests

Part 4: Soil Testing from On-Farm Studies. Binod Ghimire, University of Illinois

Part 5: Objectives for the Organic Corn Nursery. Martin Bohn, University of Illinois

Part 6: Breeding for Feed Quality. Walter Goldstein, Mandaamin Institute

Part 7: Replicated Strip Trials: A Visit with Stephen Gray of Gray Research Production, Inc.

Part 8: Evaluation of Root Characteristics, Christopher Mujjabi, University of Illinois

Part 9: Food Grade Corn and Nixtamalization

Webinar and Presentation Recordings


  • Nitrogen, Microbes, Roots: Breeding Corn for Nitrogen Efficiency and Fixation, by Walter Goldstein, Mandaamin Institute. Presented at the Organic Grain Conference, organized by the Land Connection in February 2019.

Publications, Presentations and Webinars by Project Members


  • Goldstein, W., J.E. Andrade, P. Meyer, E. Gulkirpik, M. Toc. 2023. Testing the quality of corn that has been selected for organic poultry. eOrganic article. Available at
  • Goldstein, W., Jaradat, A.A., Hurburgh, C., Pollak, L.M. 2019. Breeding maize under biodynamic-organic conditions for nutritional value and N efficiency/N2 fixation. Open Agriculture 4:1. Available at
  • Luby, C., Endres, A.B., Wander, M., Ugarte, C. A Primer on Plant Breeding and Intellectual Property Rights in Organic Seed Systems. eOrganic article. Available at

Articles in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Systems on Fostering Resilient Food and Farm Systems Through Research Networks.

Published in response to our special call for papers on "Fostering Socially and Ecologically Resilient Food and Farm Systems Through Research Networks," sponsored by the Inter-institutional Network for Food, Agriculture and Sustainability (INFAS) , eOrganic, and the USDA NIFA OREI project Participatory Breeding and Testing Networks: A Maize-based Case Study for Organic Systems.

  • Staff and student engagement on and perceptions of a college campus’s urban farm. Marc T. Sager, Lily Binford, Anthony J. Petrosino. Vol. 13 No. 2 (2024): Winter 2023-2024 Full Article (PDF)
  • Participatory breeding in organic systems Experiences from maize case studies in the United States.Christopher Mujjabi, Martin O. Bohn, Michelle M. Wander, Carmen M. Ugarte. Vol. 13 No. 2 (2024): Winter 2023-2024. Full Article (PDF)
  • Climate resilient food systems and community reconnection through radical seed diversity. Chris Smith. Vol. 13 No. 2 (2024): Winter 2023-2024. Full Article (PDF)
  • Growing in relation with the land: Experiential learning of Root and Regenerate Urban Farms. Chelsea Rozanski, Michael Gavin. Vol. 13 No. 1 (2023): Fall 2023. Full Article (PDF)
  • The evolution of a partnership-based breeding program for organic corn. Walter Goldstein. Vol. 13 No. 1 (2023): Fall 2023. Full Article (PDF)
  • Farmer Knowledge as Formal Knowledge: A Case Study of Farmer-led Research in Ontario, Canada. Erin Nelson, Sarah Hargreaves, Dillon Muldoon. Vol. 12 No. 4 (2023): Summer 2023. Full Article (PDF)
  • Successes and challenges of a university-based agroecological community garden and educational program in Japan. Benjamin Schrager, Hiroki Ikeda, Takahashi Yukitsugu. Vol. 12 No. 4 (2023): Summer 2023. Full Article (PDF)
  • Intellectual property exhaustion, breeder frustration, and hindered innovation: reviewing U.S. organic corn seed development. A. Bryan Endres, Jessica Guarino, Nabilah Nathani. Vol. 12 No. 4 (2023): Summer 2023. Full Article (PDF)

Presentations/Research Updates


  • Goldstein, W. 2022. Testing N Efficient, High Methionine Corn Hybrids with Organic Farmers. Poster displayed at MOSES Conference. February 24-7, 2022.
  • Goldstein, W., White, J., Mujjabi, C., Gulkirpic, E., Toc, M., Bohn, M., Andrade, J., Ugarte, C., Nunez, M., Karnes, J., Lotfi, A., Kingsley, K., Travis, M., Wander, M., Jaradat, A., Mohr, S. & organic farmers. 2020. Breeding and testing nitrogen efficient/fixing corn with high methionine and carotenoid contents for organic farmers. Poster presented at: MOSES Organic Farming Conference; 2020 Feb 27-29; LaCrosse, WI.
  • Gulkirpik, E. Toc, M. Bogran, G. Katrakis, C. Ugarte, C.M. and Andrade, J.E. 2019. Effect of Nitrogen Levels on the Nutrient Quality of Corn Under Organic Management. Poster Presented at AACC International, November, 2019; Denver, CO. Available at
  • Mujjabi, C. and Bohn, M. 2020. Participatory Plant Breeding: Effect of Agronomic Management Intensity on Below-Ground and Above-Ground Corn Traits Under Organic Systems. Poster presented at: 5th Biennial Plant Breeding Symposium, February 2020; North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.
  • Mujjabi, C., Ghimire, B., Gulkirpik, E., Núñez, M., Ugarte, C., Bohn, M., Wander, M. and Andrade, J. 2019. Participatory Breeding and Testing Networks: Corn Variety Development and Selection for High Nitrogen-Use Efficiency, Weed Pressure Tolerance and High Grain Quality for Organic Systems. Poster presented at: 2019 Illinois Corn Breeders School, March 2019; Champaign, IL.

Additional Resources on Corn Breeding, Particpatory Breeding, and Organic Seed Production

Additional Resources on Organic Corn Breeding