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Tuskegee University Experiment Station - Organic Farm Unit, AL

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Recorded Presentations from the Organic Agriculture Research Forum at the SSAWG Conference on January 23, 2020

The Organic Agriculture Research Forum, organized by Tuskegee University and the Organic Farming Research Foundation research forum featured oral presentations, facilitated round table discussions, and a robust joint poster session with SSAWG. Many of the presentations and posters are by researchers and collaborating students in the Southeast Partnership!

Watch the recordings as a playlist on YouTube here

Learn more about the conference and download the proceedings here

The following presentations and posters from the conference were from the Southeast Partnership research project:

Integrated Pest Management Tips by Dr. Franklin Quarcoo, Tuskegee University

Tomato Hornworm*

Dont Kill Every Single Pest!*

Videos on Organic Certification

Alabama Grower Spotlights

Sheila Dicks, Joy Haven Farm in Shorter, Alabama*

Yawah Awolowo, Mahalah Farms in Cuba, Alabama*

*Produced by Leslie Anne Grill