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Year 2 Stakeholder Report


Year 1 Summary Brochure 

Stakeholder Report - Year 1


For more information about brown marmorated stink bugs, including how to identify them and where to report a sighting, please visit the following websites:


Stink bugs and Parent Bugs of Ontario

 Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs Webinar

Webinar description

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is a highly pervasive pest that can cause severe losses for both conventional and organic growers in a wide variety of crops. This webinar will cover background information on BMSB biology and population ecology including identification and distribution. It will include a preliminary discussion of management tactics that are amenable to organic production systems including organic insecticides and biological control; however, this webinar will be primarily about the biology of the insect and future webinars will discuss management in more detail. A recently funded USDA OREI project led by Rutgers University is currently investigating the application of core organic management options developed through an enhanced understanding of BMSB dispersal and whole-farm movement.

Handout of the slides for this webinar

Video: CSI: BMSB Egg Mass Damage

Press coverage featuring our project (2012-16)


Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission: The Organic Vegetable Twilight Tour focused on weed management, tillage, beneficials, etc.

American Farm: BMSBs shown to be behaviorally manipulated

North Carolina

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West Virginia

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