Organic Dairy Systems Summit

The Organic Dairy Systems Summit took place on December 8, 2020. It included presentations on organic dairy research needs by Steve Smith of NIFA, the state of the organic dairy industry by Sarah Flicken of NOFA and a market outlook by Ryan Coory of Mercaris. It also included roundtables with producers, processors and retailers. View the recordings below or as a YouTube playlist here. This event was organized by members of the NIFA OREI project "A Systems Approach To Improve Quality and Shelf Life of Organic Dairy Products for Domestic and Export Markets" at Cornell University. For questions about this event, contact Rachel Evanowski.

Organic Dairy Research Needs: Steve Smith, USDA NIFA

State of the Organic Dairy Industry, Sarah Flicken, NOFA NY

Organic Dairy Producer Roundtable:

Kathie Arnold, an organic dairy farmer from NY, Robert Kircher, an organic dairy farmer from Oregon, Fay Benson from Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Miquela Hanselman from the National Milk Producers Federation

Organic Dairy Processor Roundtable

Keven Bucklin from Cayuga Milk Ingredients (NY), Gene Butzer from Upstate Niagara (NY), and Emily Aldrich from Rogue Creamery (OR)

Organic Dairy Retailer Roundtable

Cathy Strange from Whole Foods and Ron Indovina and Tim Mahan from Wegmans.

Market Outlook for the Organic Dairy Industry, Ryan Coory, Mercaris